Jupiter represents expansion and grace.

Jupiter in Scorpio

He is provocative, brusque, offensive. Very pretentious and opinionated, with lots of authority and ambition. Possibility of a large family.

Weaknesses: immoderate sensual appetite. Pretension, disdain, insolence.

Jupiter in III

He has good judgement, a sense of values, an open and optimistic mind, a good education and high moral standards. He likes studying. He is successful in communications work. His professional work is a vocation and plays a great part in his life.

279 Conjunction Venus - Jupiter

He is good-hearted, generous and has a good character. He likes well-being, comfort, a life without problems. He has good relations with his circle. He is easy to approach. All the same, he falls in love easily. He has a successful married and professional life.

55 Trine Jupiter - Neptune

He is very generous and altruistic, helping people in difficulty or sick people. He knows how to listen or, at least, how to give that impression. He is a dreamer, with lots of imagination: he likes the Arts.

-41 Square Jupiter - Ascendant

He does not listen to those around him, he is pretentious and goes to excess when eating.