Mars represents the desire for action and physical energy.

Mars in Cancer

He works relentlessly for the well-being of the family. All the aggressiveness is channelled in order to improve the conditions of life for the family, which is his foremost preoccupation. He rarely gets angry and never cries. He controls himself perfectly. That said, if someone, even a member of the family, goes too far then the anger is all the more impressive for being so uncommon.

Weaknesses: Domestic quarrels, discipline problems with children, house moves that are not necessarily an improvement.

Mars in VIII

Sexually very powerful, he expends their energy badly. Arguments over inheritance.

159 Conjunction Sun - Mars

He is energetic, determined, courageous, he is full of self-confidence. He likes to dominate, command, direct. He overcomes all difficulties by sheer will-power. He is frank.

-43 Square Mars - Uranus

He is full of contradictions. He is original, tending to the eccentric, violent, headstrong, impatient and irascible. He fights to the bitter end to overcome hurdles, and has the strength to overcome them.