Mars represents the desire for action and physical energy.

Mars in Libra

Aggression is quite simply repressed. He stores up the setbacks without letting it show, but too much can be difficult to support. Appreciates the Arts, beauty.

Weaknesses: he is quick to criticize the society in which he lives. He likes to please and plays on the affection of others.

Mars in III

Lively spirit, alert and ingenious but sarcastic, critical, provocative. He is quarrelsome. Expresses himself easily, does what he wants: success is at the end of the road. He is capable and acts quickly.

100 Conjunction Moon - Mars

He is frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition. He is strong-willed and powerful at work. He is a little hard on himself but, above all, on others whose capacity for action is not as great.

88 Sextile Mercury - Mars

He likes to discuss, likes polemic. He has good judgement and is determined. He is a worker and has lots of energy. He has a lively intelligence and goes to the heart of things.

-25 Square Mars - Pluto

He is violent, brutal, irascible and succeeds in crushing others, without giving it a thought.