Mercury represents communication, Cartesian and logical spirit.

Mercury in Libra

With big ideas, he evaluates and weighs things up. Of good judgement, he expresses himself clearly. Before coming to an opinion on a subject, he listens to the opinions offered by various people and can compare them before making up his own mind.

Weaknesses: he is happy-go-lucky and phlegmatic. The spouse can be unfaithful. Partnerships are unprofitable.

Mercury in I

Lively, alert, penetrating and ingenious mind. He expresses himself easily, is a born orator. He always looks on the bright side. Very adaptable.

247 Conjunction Sun - Mercury

He is intelligent and knows what he wants. Is a good organizer, he likes moving, travel. He likes literature.

137 Conjunction Mercury - Jupiter

He is intelligent, has big ideas: he is tolerant and has a strong sense of justice. He has good judgement, good sense and has his feet on the ground. He has the "gift of the gab", and likes to speak, he also likes literature. He is erudite and will normally be successful socially.

232 Sextile Mercury - Saturn

-132 Opposition Mercury - Uranus

He likes polemic, to criticize and, above all, to contradict. He lacks diplomacy and tends to dissipate his energy. He cannot stay in the same place, likes change even if it means a backward step in his professional career.

37 Conjunction Mercury - Ascendant

He is intelligent, with quick and lively reflexes. He is preoccupied by his circle, likes to exchange ideas with his friends, but also with strangers. Of an open nature, he goes out to others.